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Elodie Brunet has created an exceptional experience for all who behold her work : hand woven fabrics, created by hand from organic processes and hand extruded and spun yarns including pineapple fibre, abaca, ramie, hemp and cotton, but more than that, sheer beauties resulting from Elodie’s profound and spiritual communion with nature.
Her creations vibrate with luminosity and a breathtaking delicacy; they are both architectural yet fluid.  And her latest collection of upholstery fabrics resonate with texture and colours, stunning for their subtlety.

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Elodie’s sheers work beautifully in front of windows, turned sideways or on the vertical; they can also be paper backed for striking walling or sandwiched between two layers of glass to create a stunning partition or wall.  The abaca range is a great stand-in for the more fragile horsehair and her Collection 5 cotton, pineapple and silk fabrics make for exceptional upholstery fabrics for furniture, headboards and walling.

Elodie also works with another highly skilled artisan, Aboubakar. This Mali-based craftsman learned about the art of fabric dyeing using indigo and other natural mineral dyes to colour fabrics. Elodie’s fabrics resonate with the gorgeous colour that results, be it the pale blue of an early morning summer sky, to the deepest night blue. In combination with Elodie’s beautiful designs and materials, his work yields fabrics which are unequalled for their depth of weave, colour, and dare we say it, soul.
The standard width is 76 cms but wider widths can be possible for some references.
Elodie carries stock on all the latest collections; should a larger order be required, please allow between 10 to 16 weeks for delivery.
Elodie’s fabrics have graced projects and designs for Christian Liaigre, Waldo Works, Thierry Despont, Atelier AM, David Easton, Charles Jouffre, Rose Uniacke and most recently for the prestigious new French Embassy in Beijing.