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Sam Kasten Handweaver

Kasten Tibetans When Sam Kasten paid a visit to Nepal, he was swept away by the beauty of the country.  He also had the good fortune to meet a man whose family business was a century of hand weaving rugs.  Sam was captivated by the idea of working with this family business, producing hand-knotted rugs of exceptional quality.

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For a number of years now, Kasten Tibetans has been providing an impeccable service to clients worldwide, servicing hotels, private residences and yachts with their choice of design and quality – be it ultra thick mohair, local undyed wool, Indian or Chinese silk, hemp, cactus, bamboo or ramie – looped or cut, patterned or plain, vegetable dyed or undyed.  The choice is infinite.  We also have a range of our own designs, either created by Sam Kasten, MM Design or design professionals who MM Design is working with to develop an exclusive offering for your designs.

Maximum size : The maximum width is currently just over 9 metres and a maximum 18.5 metres in length.
Custom samples can be made up very quickly – in just three weeks – from € 185 for the standard sample size.  Lead times run on average between 12 and 16 weeks.  We can deliver worldwide and arrange for door to door delivery and installation by arrangement.