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Lynn Tandler has a unique approach to textiles, as demonstrated by her art : watching her brother at work one day in his metalworking, she resolved to experiment in combining unconventional materials, working with various metals and wires and turning their fragility and softness into a quasi-liquid metal surface when married with other yarns and her own weaving technique.

The result is a stunning, highly unusual fabric which would sit as well in Versailles as in a highly contemporary home. They spell luxury, graced with a touch of dusted age.

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Lynn’s background gives some insight into her brilliance: three years at St Martin’s College of Art and Design where she graduated with honours followed by a two year post-graduated course in woven textiles at the pre-eminent Royal College of Art in London with mentor Philippa Watkins.

The fabrics in this first collection are the product of a long process of investigation into construction, use , handle and colour. They are 100% recyclable, suitable for both interior (cotton) and exterior (polyester) use – they will not rust or patina. They will bend, fold and retain their shape and yet are both soft and flexible so can tolerate movement as they are very strong and durable.

The fabric width is the standard 140 cms. We will be offering a specific range of colours for you to choose from for minimum 5 metre orders.

The fabrics make for spectacular wall covering for indoor and outdoor, upholstery and roman blinds. We can create custom colours to order, priced according to quantity and colour. Lead times will be quoted with estimates.

Certain minimums may apply - please contact your representative for information.